The Guerrilla Sanctuary

‘The Guerrilla Sanctuary’ is a three-part podcast created by a group of MSc students at the City University of London. It covers the disturbing true story of the 1999 Bwindi Forest Massacre, in which eight tourists were brutally slain by a gang of Guerrilla soldiers. The victims had been staying at campsites in the Bwindi National Park, where holidaymakers can observe highly endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, with the help of experienced guides. This podcast covers the event and its aftermath, even interviewing one of the survivors.
I was tasked with creating a logo design for this project, which I initially found challenging due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, but I eventually came to design a logotype that subtly hints at the horror of the event – a serrated blade hides in the word “sanctuary”, subverting the word’s associations.
The group describes their target audience as ‘broadly educated 18-30-year-olds’, so I felt a sleek, minimal design would be most appropriate.

podcast mockup

final logo

colour pallette

early text iterations