Intake House

The Intake House is the first point of call for most new residents. Upon entering the intake house each new resident will be greeted by a member of staff who will register them on the system. They will then be given the opportunity to have a bath or shower and given a clean, new set of basic clothing to wear while theirs are being washed and dried. They will also receive a ‘care pack’ of towels and toiletries. After their bath/shower, the member of staff at the intake house will help the resident to cook a warm meal of their choosing from what is currently available there, and have an informal, friendly chat about their situation and what brought them to the project. In the morning after a hopefully good nights sleep, an informal meeting between staff members and the resident will take place in the living area of the intake house to discuss what their suggested journey through the project should be. New residents who need an accessible space and those who have come directly from the care system will bypass the intake house and go directly to a flat in the main building.

Ground and First Floor Plans



Resident Bedroom