The Metallic Natural Series

This collection of work is the centrepoint of a year’s worth of focus and endurance. Throughout the year I have developed a very distinct set of skills using the forge efficiently. Sustainably to a point using copper pipe and cut up copper hot water tanks. I was able to create work which re-created materials that could easily have ended up in landfill. The work reflects that which cannot be controlled. This uncontrollable aspect of the works are largely achieved by the process of making. This collection ends with the final artwork – Copper Bark. There are many techniques and forms of creating that i have implemented into the process largely by experiments in previous projects.

The following works will be divided into sections. The first section of works will be the earliest and for the most part basic representations of Metallic nature. The next section will be more developed including but not limited to much more experimental work. The last section will be a focus of finished work that required extensive planning and an individual creation procedure for each piece.

Copper Pebble Drops

Leftover pieces

Casted in soil and rotten apple

Drawing with crucible

Experimenting with oxidisation

Leftover slag

Casting in wood

Casting in wood

Small splatter experiment

1kg copper casted in soil and water

Final part before "Copper Bark" was created

Splatter collection

Copper Bark close up

Copper Bark close up