The Other Side

‘The Other Side’ is a publication that explores the impact of Northern Ireland’s political divide on the Ceasefire Babies- the generation who were children or born around the time of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Although this generation may not have experienced violence directly, studies at the University of Ulster have shown Troubles related trauma may be inherited between generations, exacerbated as a result of poor community relations and economic conditions.

Through interviewing a diverse range of voices from this generation, and reflecting on my own lived experience growing up in Northern Ireland, I have gained an insight into the identities of this generation- visually interpreting what it means to be a part of the Ceasefire Generation through materiality and play with perspective. The Other Side presents an alternative perspective to the binary narrative of orange and green politics, showing the identity of the Ceasefire Generation as something personal to each individual and their experience.

The publication was taken back to my home town to be photographed- where an old, once heavily fortified, Royal Ulster Constabulary station stood until 2016, now a contemporary arts hub- one example of the slow, but significant progress in community relations across Northern Ireland.