The “Rights” to the City within

The third investigation will be located inside city itself which in this case, inside Lucky Plaza itself. The idea being that malls with large atriums missed out on the opportunity for public inhabitations.

Specifically, the third exploration aims to create an experience of public inhabitations where the people and shops within the mall will have some form of connectivity and interaction. However, this phase will be rather speculated and conceptual.

Tay Kheng Soon, a veteran Singaporean architect designed People’s Park Complex with a large atrium with an idea of it being a “city room” where the people can inhabit. Similarly, Lucky Plaza have a large atrium with a miss opportunity of public inhabitations.
Due to the atrium being large vertically, it allows for an opportunity of vertical inhabitation in order to avoid disruption on the ground floor. On the left is a conceptual sketch of escalators connecting upwards showing a possible intervention in-between the atrium hanging.
As shown, the space seems to restrict public inhabitation, so what if the inhabitation takes place vertically?
The natural lighting of the space is a key element to preserve and should be used to enhanced as a spatial quality
This is a similar approach as the first two phases, however I felt that this would not work much as the main factor will still be the sunlight hence I will be exploring materiality and form through model making next.
The material should be porus so as to let light pass through, however ,the intervention should still be strategically placed as to allow as much sunlight to still be able to cast into the space.

The "Rights" to the City Room

Here is the final outcome which creates an experience of a vertical Piazza where the inhabitants will be on top and the watches will be below. The outcome is still rather speculated as it an inhabitation envision for possible atriums to come in the future. The practicality of this project is not thoroughly considered yet as there is only the intended experience and interaction developed.