The UFEx is a food exchange through which fresh vegetables and food are prepared and shared with local communities. Maryhill Locks is the chosen site for the project, as the canal links numerous communities in the North of Glasgow. Created to house Maryhill’s ageing population, the space is completely accessible and provides residents with retirement housing, as well as opportunities for post-retirement employment. Large domes inside the building, some solid and some void, create working spaces on the ground floor and act as viewing platforms on the first floor. The form work used to create the solid domes are reused as functioning structures throughout the external landscape surrounding the building, exhibiting a journey of recycling as a result of the building process.


Site model


section A A 1:250 // cutting through the canal.


ground floor plans 1:200 at 12pm 21/06.


first floor plans 1:200 at 12pm 21/06.


axonometric view of maryhill locks at 7am 21/06.


north east facade detail.


south east + north west elevations.


01. skylight; glass panelling 02. concrete cast dome 03. light vegetation 04. growing medium 05. filter fleece 06. drainage element, water reservoir and root barrier 07. green roof waterproofing membrane 08. roof deck: timber cassette roof (primary structure) glulam beam 6m span (primary) joists 6m span (secondary structure) post and beam end frame (primary) 09. continuous insulation rolled between beams 10. permeated vapour barrier 11. clt ceiling panels 12. external finish; stone tiling 13. glulam load bearing walls (primary) 14. clt wall panels (secondary) 15. glulam column 6m span (primary) 16. glulam frame grid spacing 6m x 6m (primary) 17. double glazed window pane with 100mm cavity 18. services void 19. wood fibre insulation board 20. damp proof membrane 21. mortar setting bed 22. timber form work used for the creation of the brick domes 23. internal floor finish; stone tiling 24. cement screed 25. reinforced concrete ring beam (substructure) 26. insulation 27. reinforced concrete slab 28. concrete strip foundation (substructure)


dome diagram


integration of the vertical farm of the provan gas works.