The Urban Food Exchange

The design was derived from the typological study of the buildings in and around the site to create a design that follows the thematic coherence of that part of Glasgow. The incentive for this concept came from the answers in our questionnaire we conducted as part of our site research, as less than 5% of our sample group (73) stated they would not want contemporary design and that most people wanted rather environment design (65%) & a more social approach taken to the design process (16%).

Following from the principle ideas about the form of the building, my intention for the concept was to not take away from the way people use it in a regular basis, but rather to add to that experience, making the site an extension to the existing canal experience. Through this my design supports the likes of family day-trippers, dog walkers, bikers, wheelchair users and a variety of different people wanting to come to the canal. I have done this by optimizing the full site available to provide a multitude of moments on an adventurous site.

Environmental design was also a key factor in the design process as ensuring the embodied energy in the construction was kept to a minimum, was a must in the aims for the design. This objective was met through using locally sourced materials, reusing deconstructed materials, and using environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, using environmentally sustainable techniques to reduce the operational energy was also implemented at different spaces within the project.

One of the issues I faced with the site that hindered the progression of my design for quite a while was the steep, unavoidable landscape extruding the centre of the site. However, this problem soon became the solution with the realisation that I could use the landscape to create a cultural social space that could provide several different activities and be a pull factor to the site itself.

Ultimately the design is a space that aims to provide and inspire people to grow and eat locally through the HUB and through a pickup or delivery service to improve people’s health, environment, and experience on the Glasgow Canal.

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Site Analysis