Theatre of sudden encounters

The presence of art in our everyday life has diminished over the last centuries, with the functionalism and minimalism movements taking precedence, influencing the products we use, the work we produce and how we dwell within the urban nuclei. Art, in any form, might take us by surprise, bring the long-desired catharsis caused by the beauty of art. One wonders why? Do we find things beautiful not because of aesthetic inclinations, but because they bring emotion within us?

Modern urban conditions often prevent us from experiencing art within our daily lives. Only a narrow group of people purposefully seek the presence of art, meanwhile, its impact is often lost on the remaining majority.

The Barras Theatre provides a rare opportunity where the art in multiple forms has a presence within the architectural form.

A civic building, its core provides a transparent and orderly core where the public can interact with art on daily basis. It provides an opportunity for those accidental encounters with art one experiences within the museum walls. It allows a flow of people through the Barras, a modern-day agora where different activities can take place, from busking possibilities, ad hoc performances or gallery exhibitions.
The supporting the programme is contained within two auditoriums, which although slightly hidden, encourage peaks inside, sparking interest in the yet undiscovered experiences, each within a clearly identified form. With the public presence, The House for Arts provides all of the Caltons inhabitants with a chance to experience art in their daily lives, with opportunities of glimpses of activities public engagement events or open-air stage facing the Barras Market. In addition, it will provide the community heart of which its inhabitants will be able to be proud.







A street for Calton