They Dream of Waking Up

Kleo’s most recent work of visual art for social media/ gallery display, ‘THEY DREAM OF WAKING UP’ is a continued exploration of how people respond to social media content. This project uses an ‘anonymous’-like quality to assess people’s sense of reality within its intended setting.
The work comprises of abrupt 15 second videos (this style is commonly used on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram in the pursuit of viral media), made up of a mixture of Siri-like text to speech narration, found footage, news reals and iPhone12 footage shot in portrait discussing the possibility and consequence of sentient A.I.
The aim of this project is to encourage people to investigate what they are consuming on social media – which they so often do not. To make them want to discover the truth for themselves, investigate the videos, their content and the person who created them.
The project blends reality and fabrication together using actual news footage and interviews, and the narration from a fictional sentient Android’s perspective, with the aims of discussing where we are a society vs where we will inevitably be once the race to sentient A.I. is won.
“The dystopia is never somewhere else. And no firewall could keep sentient A.I. out” – Kleo rephrasing Norman MacCaig’s Hotel Room, 12th Floor.

They Dream of Waking Up Pt. 1

They Dream of Waking up Pt.2

They Dream of Waking Up Pt. 3

They Dream of Waking Up Pt. 4

They Dream of Waking Up Pt. 5

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