This Scar Will Never Heal

The construction of the M8 motorway—part of Glasgow’s controversial regeneration in the 1960s and 1970s—severed the city in half, demolishing numerous historic buildings and displacing whole communities in the process. ‘This Scar Will Never Heal’, a quote lifted from a demonstration at the opening ceremony of the motorway, aims to foreground the forgotten history of this area and the irreparable impact the M8 has had on the face of Glasgow.

The road sign recontextualises the quote from the demonstration and, once put back into the location of the M8, serves as a reminder of the lasting effects of its construction. The two accompanying books, one consisting of anecdotes and the other of imagery of the motorway before and after it existed, further consider the jarring division the M8 has created. This is emulated through the design of the books and the physical splitting up of information between them.