Time Stamped

Time Stamped is a collection of stamps that represent a day of tidal data from Aranmore Island – Leabgarrow in Ireland. Each stamp has a unique shape that was generated in Processing by splitting the data into individual hours. Once I had the data organised it was then mapped and randomised to create a ‘dot to dot’ that was joined based on where the points were in relation to each other to make an abstract shape. Every shape has 12 points that represent 5 minutes of data – meaning each individual stamp represents 1 hour, creating the 24 stamp collection for the full day.

Once the shape was generated in Processing they were laser cut onto rubber and mounted to wooden blocks to create the final stamp so that they can be used to print with ink to create artwork. Although the visual is abstract it is made entirely of real numbers from real records which is what I wanted to highlight with this project. Data is often seen as something that is intimidating and strict but when explored it can create something as playful as a stamp.

Time Stamped is a play on a time stamp that is made up of precise numbers that reads as detailed information about something. My stamps do the same thing in a different, more user friendly way.


Creation - Part 1

Creation - Part 2

Creation - Part 3


day and night

stamps final

print test

Work In Progress