Towards Spatial Neutrality

I was your house. And, when you leave, abandoning this dwelling place, I do not know what to do with these walls of mine. Have I ever had a body other than the one which you constructed according to your idea of it? Have I ever experienced a skin other than the one which you wanted me to dwell within? – Luce Irirgaray, Elemental Passions

Towards Spatial Neutrality considers how western spatial practice is inherently gendered and reductive based on historical norms that are repeated and reinforced through architectural design. The text discusses how the concept of gendered spaces has affected our built and lived environments and will critically examine how works by Eileen Gray and Tadao Ando offer a non-conformist approach to architectural practice. I set the book in Univers as it has a visible sensitivity between thick and thin lines, avoiding perfect geometry, where with this, I hope it represents a neutral typeface.