Trans Sensory Overload

This project explores two parts of Trans Femme Identity. Part 1 looks at how trans bodies are objectified like toys/inanimate objects, to be used and disposed of. Primary research was created by building installations of random, colourful objects such as toys and everyday items to visually represent this issue. Tools such as page overlays and colour psychology that assist with neurological conditions, influenced my colour palette, opening up a bright range of colours to explore. Part 2 explores neurodiversity, specifically ADHD within the trans community. Statistically over 75% of Trans people are diagnosed with this neurological condition. In response to this I wanted to create a collection of sensory textiles for interior environments where vivid colour and texture soothes sensory overload, a symptom of ADHD. I explored 2D and 3D drawing methods, using digital media and hand processes to translate the abstract and realistic compositions from my research. My textile pieces focus on the repeat patterns and textures found within my drawings. 3D geometric structures are created using different techniques such as fabric manipulation. This project aims to acknowledge the fetishisation and neurodiversity within trans femme Identity, and how they navigate through an Ableist Heteronormative Cis society. My objective is to create interactive and playful pieces that help with sensory overload experienced by people, particularly trans, who have ADHD. Where possible recycled materials or materials from previous projects were used and repurposed.

Sensory Room