Transitioning to the First Floor


For this project, I saw voids not as negative space but as its own material, as important as any other. With concrete being the dominant texture through my design, I needed to add notes or moments that soften this ‘dominance’. Brutalist architecture, within its name spells connotations of strength, impenetrability and of course ‘brutal’ appearance.

By punching holes within these forms, allowing the visitor to suddenly ‘see through’ at intentional moments, you can foster feelings such as excitement and curiosity as they meander through their route.

Furthermore, the voids and breaks in space, lend to the ‘verticality’ of the space. This mode of vertical farming doesn’t offer the stackable capability/element that other methods do. Reimagining vertical farming with a more experience forward mindset.





Looking Down From The Landing

View Down From the First Floor Eduction Area