Studio Work Final Proposal

“The places identified by any individual or culture grow, flourish, and decline as the site, activity, or buildings take on and lose significance.” E. Relph. The Essence of Place

The movement of the Forth and Clyde canal informs the surrounding culture of the North of Glasgow. During a period of deindustrialisation and dense redevelopment along the canal, these societal characteristics are central to my urban food exchange located in Applecross. This formed my idea of an inverted canal: a communal landscape acting as a tributary to the canal. This lent itself to the function of food production on a conceptual level. From the Urban Farming scene in Detroit Michigan or the Courier Service of the Dabbawalas in Mumbai India, food and community are inseparable. Reinvigorating this brownfield site and creating a complex around the idea of an urban food exchange would create an immersive and welcoming hub for the local area.

The main motif of this notion was experimentation with rising platforms within the existing sloped landscape. The buildings separate functions amongst different forms of the hub complex. This led to three pavilions each with separate functions. The third and highest platform contains the residential parts of the development.




Site plan of final proposal

Orthographic projection

Figure ground of vertical farm for growing purposes

axonometric view of proposal

Exterior Visualisation 1

exterior visualisation 2

exterior visualisation 3

First floor pavilion

Second Floor Pavilion

Third Floor Pavillion

Frontal Cross section

Perspective section