U4EA – Future Experiences

U4EA – Future Experiences – Designing Around People Centred Wellbeing in 2031

U4EA is inspired by the feeling of euphoria and how this can increase an individuals well-being in our future world of Azores in 2031. My research throughout this project began being focused on how the feeling of euphoria could be stimulated without the use of drugs, but as I progressed I realised I was disregarding the best option for this. This then led me to researching the different drugs that can enhance your well-being and psychedelics stuck out more than the others. With micro-dosing psychedelics being a popular way for people to increase their well-being without being in a different

state of consciousness, I utilised this in our future world by combining psychedelics with the advanced technology of 2031. Allowing the user to control the intensity of the psychedelic effects and experience euphoria at a level they feel comfortable at.

U4EA is an Azores experience that enhances users well-being through psychedelic induced euphoria and symbiosis with nature. This experience
is set in an enclosed park in Azores and citizens of the town are chosen at random to take part. This enclosed park is a wild garden with lots of different flowers and plants for the users to interact with while under psychedelic euphoria. The users access the experience with a remote left in their
home in Azores ,which gives them the ability to control the intensity of the psychedelic drugs by connecting to their Neuralink.

U4EA enhances the well-being of the citizens of Azores by combining psychedelics, technology and a nature in unison.

U4EA User Journey

The user journey showing how a citizen of Azores is part of the U4EA Experience

Consuming Psychedelic Gumball

User consuming psychedelic infused gumballs in Azores Park

Admiring Nature

Admiring nature from a new perspective thanks to psychedelic infused gumballs

Azores Park Model

This small model of Azores Park shows where the U4EA Experience takes place

Azores Park Close Up

Model of Azores Park, this close up shows a user interacting with the wild plants inside the park. The plants and the gumball machine are much bigger than the user to show the significance they have on the experience.

Taking a Gumball

User taking a gumball from the machine inside Azores Park

Using the Controller

The user using the controller to control the intensity of their psychedelic experience

U4EA Controller

Controller with button to connect to your Neuralink and a slider that controls the intensity of your psychedelic experience

Controlling Light Intensity Setting

One of the first levels of intensity from the controller, vision is slightly blurred but user is still familiar with surroundings

Controller Intense Setting

One of the most intense psychedelic settings on the controller, colours and shapes are all distorted and unusual, the user experiences a surreal feeling of euphoria during this.

U4EA Movie