Urban “Blue” Zones

This project’s goal is to recognize the inevitability of labour taking place in a domestic setting more and more and, therefore, to create an urban housing environment that encourages a mentally and physically sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This has been explored using the “20-minute neighbourhood” principle and “The Blue Zones” research findings. The first one informs on how to successfully integrate the housing scheme in a contemporary urban setting while the latter helps to recognize architectural and programmatic features within the housing scheme itself from the whole proposal to each separate unit. “The Blue zones” are places with the longest living people in the world and all share 9 similar aspects of lifestyle that has helped them to achieve this. Many of them are connected to the spaces, environments, and communities around them and can apply to a housing setting to create a place that helps to create strong and supportive communities among families and wider urban area. This is achieved by, firstly, managing the development as a Community Land Trust and, secondly, by providing a series of communal infrastructure and spaces that can interconnect neighbouring communities. The inhabitants can bring their work to their homes if necessary, while benefiting from the collective support that helps to distance from work, helps relieve work-related stress, promotes healthy living habits as exercising and healthy eating and helps to find a sustainable work-life balance.