Urban Building

Introductory Centre for the Dramatic Arts. The project aims to; democratise performance art and theatre, get the nearby residential area of Calton to engage in the culture of the Barras (without being imposing), provide educational facilities for learning about theatre and the surrounding crafts, create an intimate relationship between audience and performer, make the threshold between street and activity of the building as small as possible.

street view

ground floor plan

showing the buildings relationship with the streets and yard

degrees of opening

spatial organisation axonometric

technical long section

interior sketch-visualisations

section c

section b


The facade of the rotunda is a big bent timber grid related to the structure of the building. Between the vertical and horizontal components are 'sheets' applied at an angle forming shadows during the day and lets through light during the evening. The wood is tarred for a more discreet look and to protect the wood from weathering. The long rectangular building has a facade of corrugated steel, a nod to the doors of the market and flexibility of those spaces.

light on the facade

the play of shadow during the day, and the light coming from inside the facade during the night or during a performance