Urban Building; A Gallery in the East End.

This Gallery in the East End of Glasgow explores the celebration of a culture of art and making in the East End of Glasgow.

Taking influence from other civic exhibition spaces around the city, cultivating an accessible space for the showcasing of local and current art, whilst supporting the archival experience of the historic memory of artistry in the East End.
The GIA festival supports the scheme on a nationwide scale, with the building acting as a hub space for this event, as well as the rich artistic heritage of the East End grounding it into its site in the Barras. Although it’s core purpose is in showcasing varied and relevant exhibits from local artists and community projects.

The footprint of the building infills the site amongst a collection of existing buildings, completing the corners of the block whilst maintaining an accessible and permeable façade. Hosting a series of gallery spaces, interweaving lobby spaces, archival rooms on upper levels, a theatre and humble courtyards creating space for the gallery experience to flow into.

The programme of past and present is echoed in the contrast of lightweight and monolithic structure, and the lightness and darkness of space.
Contrasting atmospheres arranged programmatically create a journey through the scheme as inspiring as the experience of the art, media and artefacts displayed within it; with ground floor galleries capturing bright and ethereal space in contrast with the archival and theatre spaces capturing darker, moodier atmospheres.

The scheme’s ethereal and intimate atmospheres contrast with the vibrancy and buzz of the Barra’s market and music venues, celebrating the beauty of both.

Strategy Diagrams

1. Room-Anti Room, 2. Structural Rhythm, 3. Views 4. Partitioning in the Galleries, 5. Routes Through, 6. Access.

Location Plan

The site, located with the Barrowland Ballroom and Barras Market to the north, and Glasgow Green to the south.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground level with three gallery spaces, a theatre, a series of lobbies, cafe/bar, shop and two courtyards.

First and Second Floor Plans

First level with archive, maker space, and book ended by the existing antique shop in the north west corner and studio space in the south east corner. Second level with archive room.

Structural Build Up Exploded Axonometric

A lightweight, bitty, layered scheme infilling between three existing heavy monolithic structures.

Junction Detail

Detailing the junctions where the new lightweight fabric meets the heavy stone build ups.

A Journey Through the Scheme

A depiction of one possible route through the scheme, from approach from the street, through light lobby and gallery spaces, spilling into the courtyard and back through to moodier, intimate spaces, finishing in the cafe/bar's courtyard.

Courtyard Visual

Simple iteration of the central courtyard space, offering a moment of calm and connection to the outside, in contrast to the more active, smaller bar courtyard to the left of the site.

Site Axonometric

Massing on the site, with ad hoc heights settling into the site's current state, with glazed points highlighted indicating light capture.

Atmospheric Moments Thumbnails

Detailing atmospheric moments showcasing methodologies for generating desired light capture/generation.

Bain Street Elevation and Section - Theatre Section

Thumbnail elevation and sections: 1. Bain Street Elevation with existing studio on the left hand side. 2. Section through Bain street, showing main gallery on ground, maker space and archive above. 3. Section through theatre and cafe/bar courtyard and restaurant.

Stevenson Street Elevation and Section

1. Elevation of Stevenson Street (north of site). 2. Section showing lobby, gallery two on ground, and archive above.

Corner of Stevenson Street and Bain Street

Visual of one approach to the scheme from Bain Street.

Elevation Strip Render

Detailing the materiality of the facade: Fabric laminated glass on the ground, exposed timber structure, timber paneled facade on the upper level, glazed clear story and thin aluminum roofing sheet.

London Road Elevation and Section

1. Elevation of London Road (south of site). 2. Section showing galleries one and three, lobby space in between on the ground, archive and maker space above, and theatre to the left hand side.

Main Gallery Interior

The main gallery space dons a large skylight, exposed timber structure, and translucent fabric laminated glass facades, to create a bright, ethereal, simple atmosphere.

1:100 Model

1:100 sectional model showing materiality, form, atmosphere.

1:500 Site Model

Process and detail of 1:500 site model.