Urban Building – Barras Community Centre

The thesis looks at uncovering the memory of the Barras Market, re-shaping its identity and offering a performance space in the form of an auditorium. The community centre shall provide a platform for the performance of people and place.

This process of exchange shall be represented in a building that creates a dialogue between the dichotomy of the fixed and the free-standing. This dichotomy is represented in the form of the project, the internal volume of each building is a permanent structure that holds the main performance space in one volume and the workshop/learning space in the other. The free-flowing space around the solid central objects allows for the influx of human activity, the manipulation of space can alter the programme of the building, allowing for user adaptation of space. The structure of the building shall act as a set or backdrop to which the performance of life shall act.

The cultural community centre shall be a space where people can share skills and learn from one another. The static building shall host multiple identities and be reflective of the performance of life and the meeting of people. The main performance space shall be an auditorium where various arts may be performed as well as a space to host lectures, sharing knowledge and cultures. To accommodate this adaptive performance space, automated seating arrangements with built-in ventilation can be altered to create different rake heights or complete removal of seating altering the function of the performance space.

Identity and memory being the main driver of the project, the proposal seeks to maintain part of the existing building fabric for sustainability and sentimental reasoning. The existing building retained on-site provides the two axes on which the proposal sits on. Space in-between the building arrangement shall become landscaping where external theatres can pop up, children’s play space or become a meandering route through the proposal with glimpses into the performance spaces created at the heart of the Barras.

Ground Floor Plan

1st-3rd Floor Plans

Long Section

1.100 Model

Hall and Foyer

Programme Distribution

Events Configuration

Site Diagram

Colour Study

Exploded Axonometric


Street Views

Model views

Street Elevations

Location Plan