Urban building, The Barras

The Urban building, located in the Barras, Glasgow acts as a civic space and extension of the urban fabric to supply and build upon the availability to amenities, where research shows most people in the surrounding area can spend up to a quarter of their weekly income on ‘fuel and power’ for the home. The building aims to centralise everyday tasks for local people, such as bathing, cooking and washing clothes in an effort to reduce the expenditure of resources through the use of renewable energy sources. Passive heating strategies such as a Trombe wall configuration and internal water pumps reduce the need to tumble-dry washed clothes and provide a free alternative for users.

The mental and physical rehabilitation of the local community is paramount to the design, a similar ‘onsen’ bathing ritual through the plunging and relaxing in differing water temperatures encourage physical exercise and mental well-being.

The building is fabricated from almost exclusively timber-based products from the study conducted on architectural icons, recognising the technical shortcoming(s) of modernist design but aesthetic and experience retained to be interpreted by the user.