Urban Housing: Towards an autonomous makers commons

The scheme is to promote and teach about self sufficiency. Intertwining domesticity, sustenance and production in a undefined, overlapping way. It is about having an undetermined space to make something out of, whether domestic, or productive, but the definition of either is not explicit to the space. The inhabitants must pass through this state of indeterminacy in order to inhabit, and indeed, to dwell, outside the realm of the nuclear family, and capitalist traditions. Through the use of industrial typologies, scales and materials, a state of rawness is provided for people to have the ability to define for themselves their environment from within, instead of having it imposed on them. The generosity of space allows to accommodate events of different scale, it also demonstrates a potential for what could grow into the space. For example, when an additional room or floor is needed, it can be fulfilled. To start with a size of space larger than a tight fit of form following function allows for natural changes.

domestic and industrial

Calton//The Barras

Calton Public Amenities Map

Libraries + Multiple Deprivation

Market Day

Kent Street Carpets

Non-market Day



Bain Street


Third Floor

Housing Unit

Housing Unit Section

Labour and domesticity

labour and domesticity

Ground Floor





Exploded axonometric

Courtyard Corner

Tiling the courtyard

Housing Unit Plan