Who were the women accused of witchcraft?

Who is drawn to witchcraft today?


I am addressing witchcraft through five interviews with women who hold some connections to the esoteric or occult. Their stories address healing, investigate sisterhood, and challenge sociological issues, using witchcraft as a starting point for discussion. Themes include mediumnity, witch trials, astrology and modern witchcraft rituals, but also gatekeeping within witchcraft communities. The conversations are brought to life by mixed media illustrations and creative use of paper.

Three printed books have been finalised, and the book can be ordered as commission and printed on demand.


Witch Overseas

Illustration from interview with US- based psychology student and practising witch, K.

Channeling Silenced Voices

Intro to interview with authors Noelle Harrison and Becky Sweeney about their theatre play "Witches Gets" and the story it tells about witch-trials, but also their creative work, and their relationship to witchcraft.
Charcoal illustrations that can be folded up to reveal photos from the play "Witches Gets".

Reading in Space

Interview with computer game developer, teacher, and astrology enthusiast, M, about the virtual world and the world of astrological signs.
Gatefold page when closed. The folds open up to reveal a full spread illustration.

Punk Witch

Illustrations for interview with punk musician and practicing witch, B, about her relationship with witchcraft and how it affects her creative practise.

My First Time

Illustration for column about my own first experience entering a coven, and my first cacao ceremony.


Embossed symbol. Some pages of this book contain "hidden" symbols: small embossed and debossed markings. The symbols are designed by me and repeated also in the pastedown for the book. Each interviewee has been assigned a symbol which is used in their interview as alias.