Vertical Corridor

The second part of the project is to investigate and speculate the current situation of the pandemic progressing from the first project. As the pandemic situation slowly heads towards a better outcome, there is an increase in the need for social interaction and gathering of family and friends. As I have worked within the interior space of the HDB flat, I decided to look into the exterior spaces of it.
This led me to speculate the design and creation of a space within the block of flats to allow people to have social interaction and connecting them together vertically. I want to create a warm and comfortable space that is totally opposite of the cold hard concrete of a HDB building. A new space that is never seen within the typology of the HDBs could show a strong contrast.
The main focus that I would want to bring out of this project is how space could bring out the intimacy between people across the whole block.
With the ongoing pandemic, hopefully, this project can remind everyone to better appreciate the kinship and relationship they have.

Initial design with the structure at its basic form.
The colour coding is to mark out the 2 different circulation paths across the HDB block, the blue one which is the original path I have decided it is meant for the fast pace of our lives where it is a direct path to the stairs or the lift. As for the green path, it is the path to slow down our lives, where we can actually relax and enjoy in a common area for the residents.
Illustrations of how the space created can actually function like having a space to gather or resting. It is to also show the calm and relaxing atmosphere that the space is supposed to give off to the residents to allow them to dwell around. This gives the comparison between the corridor and the created space as well to show how different the spaces are being used by the residents. They can actually engage in activities such as walking a dog, planting, strolling and a taking a break.

Finalised Design

Perspective showing the overview of how the space connects through the whole space. The circled areas are the entry point to the vertical corridor.
One of the entry points to the vertical corridor. This perspective is to show the contrast between 2 pathways where the materials differ from one another(Left). The evening/night time where people could go for a nice stroll after dinner or work. It is also a space for people to destress by looking at the night sky and just having some alone time(Right).
Along the journey through the pathway, there are small planter pots where residents could actually grow smaller plants to make the pathway more vibrant(Left). The different platforms also allow people to relax at their own chosen spot. The grass patches will allow a more comfortable sitting and also demarcate the walking path and the sitting areas(Right).
The journey through the walkway will bring us to a central space which allows a larger group of people to gathering. It also has planting areas for the residents to plant a larger variety of plants. They can also do some simple bodyweight exercises or take a jog across the whole vertical corridor.
Different angle of the central area of the vertical corridor(Left). As the plants continue to grow and taken care of by the residents, the whole space itself becomes a urban forest. As plants and greenery are always changing, it makes the space always interesting as it is never the same when having the journey through the vertical corridor(Right).
A central space for a group of people to gather and interact(Left). Perspective to feel the calm and relaxing effect from the vertical corridor, a space that one can dwell in for a long period time(Right).
The visual interaction between different levels of the vertical corridor.