Vertical Farming Experience


For my project this year I designed hypothetical vegan, vertical farming experience encouraging people to purchase a monthly subscription food parcel and provide awareness to the alternative farming method. Also, within the structure will be an office for the marketing sector of this hypothetical vegan meal subscription service. Chefs will experiment and test different recipes for the subscription boxes which people can come in and try to then give feedback. Having the office so close to the feedback given will better future campaigns. Furthermore, an education centre will teach people about the advantages of a plant forward diet by this method. The aim is to provide a more environmentally concious alternative to the traditional farming methods. From the fractional amount of water required, to zero pesticides used in production and minimal transport, result in a healthier product for the consumer and environment. With more and more previously arable land deemed not fit for growing crops, this appears to be the future of fruit and vegetable production.

Entance View

As you walk into the space you are met with this angled bridge which looks down on the feature basement below, giving a sneak preview and foster excitement of what is to come. On the left is a greenhouse inspired growing structure, which you can also walk up to before the tour commences.

Ground Floor Waiting Area

Once you walk in, there is an open waiting area where you are met by your guide. If you would rather wait seated, there's a set of sofas where which you can do so.