Video Study Documentary- Liam Scott

As part of this project and for the work, I was intended to have visual ques play throughout the Documentary that would link to what the person in the interview was talking about and describing in and during that moment in time, but due to health and other unforeseen circumstances, those features were not able to be meet or more of a highly edited mix version of the documentary that I had truly wanted. Instead, was left and done a more insight and educational in sense version of the study video of having insights from 3 people of different age, work and ethnic backgrounds that could bring in not only their stories, but how it was for them. How they felt and experienced things doing what they did during their times of the chosen topics discussed throughout the video, and what it was like for them and how things in ways, worked for them and other during other times and the impacts that it made on them.

A Study Documentary of Live Events and Audio/Sounds from Video Games