Village Encounter : Open Up the Future Dialogues

VILLAGE ENCOUNTER is a project with a core value of decolonisation, co-designing sustainable futures for villages by returning the lost voice and ownership back to the villagers.

There are three chapters into which this project is divided. Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 started from a specific village in China. By remotely engaging with the community, we collaboratively designed a unique service system of craft & tour. In Chapter 2, developing upon the outcome of Chapter 1, Village Collective Innovation Agency has been set up with a series of designed tools to support the agency’s designers and researchers to carry out any co-design projects in any other villages.

It was intriguing but also demanding to engage with different groups of people who were generally considered ‘passive’ rather than proactive in taking action against such issues or taking part in solving such problems. In the context of community development and plan, it was a great design challenge to involve them to actively take part in the design process. This phenomena has provided precious experience and inspirations in designing to see through the lens of other groups of people with different culture, life, habitus and so forth.


Chapter 0: Encounter

Chapter 1: Design for the village

Chapter 2: Village Collective Innovation Agency Toolkit

Toolkit, Village Co-design Dictionary, Workshop Guide Cards, Service Journey