In 2030, our world has shifted greatly from what we know and see today. With the introduction of a Well-Being economy, communities are centralised around caring for each other, and from this, Citizen Roles have been introduced to assist in medical roles to keep communities healthy.


Vita is a system designed to help allocate which Citizens are suitable for which roles, analysing personality traits, key competencies and cancer experience to determine the right role for each Citizen. Vita comprises of a physical shape, essentially a ‘Future CV’, this is enhanced by Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, where the system can learn and improve itself and by doing so can then determine individuals and teams who would be best suited to learn from each other, creating an ever evolving system of knowledge exchange and medical development, both physically as well as holistically.

Future world

The link below will take you to our groups site where you can explore what our proposed future is like -

Context Builder

This video helps clarify why this system would be needed in the proposed future society.


A detailed walk through of a users experience using Vita.


Discovering through making, utilising quick prototyping methods to explore and refine.