Memories of the space
I came to a realization that void deck acts as a journey of process. From surroundings to space, space to people, and people to memories.

The interrelationship of the void deck is systems to our memories, is something we need to value. Not to base on the concerns about what amenities place cater the user needs but the emotions want connections needed to space, that leads to the co-relationship with surroundings with the people to understand the value of these spaces. Personally, the identity of the void deck lies in the memories. However today’s void deck memories lies on the wants, it doesn’t evoke any personal human engagement of good memories.

My design intention is to create an intervention these memories point to allow them to reminisce of the past. reexperience the experience of every movement, by the sparks of a trigger a moment of the memory. Thus, allowing them to work harmoniously together and not destroying each identity.


This corner is to encourage people to interact with each other.Making short interaction time meaningful by the act of actions and seeing. Making use of the actions of “waiting” as an opportunities to implement new system so that users at the neighbourhood would not few something different disturbing the existing identity of the space.

Design Intervention

To provides enough resistance to allow both children and adults alike to move or interact with the objects. Not limiting the options to the user. Probabably the only thing that stops the user of using differently ways is their imaginations to do so.

Specifications of objects

Soft and stretchy material allows the width up to 1.5 M wide & 2.6M long. The highlight of this is able to move one place to another and easily replace and reproduce. The collapsible feature allows it save sufficient space around.

Choice Of Fabric

Chosen in a way that blends in context of the neighbourhood space. An elastic and sheer fabric brings a level of intimacy and privacy with the object and human, feeling as one
The intervention is place at the ceiling to seek the mood of the swing, an identity that cannot seems to fail to attract different age group. Although it may be just an area of waiting space but however it makes the experience while waiting worth well. The act of spontaneous play and the uncoincidental interaction with the transitional passer-by allow to spark any new memories- a new face you know in the neighborhood and a new person to have a small gesture to when seeing the person another time.

Different ways of using