Warped Mutualism

As the funding gap in the NHS increases year on year, the need for cost saving healthcare solutions becomes increasingly prioritised to help ease pressure. With 40% of costs on workforce, we will see a huge reduction in the number of those working in healthcare. This paired with Mental Health cases rising exponentially year on year since 2020, how will our Mental Health Services change 10 years from now? And what will they look like in 2030?


Warped Mutualism proposes a potential future of our services called Plugged. With the user constantly monitored and medicated by the home via AI powered systems, it removes the need for Health workers, saving costs by automating every aspect of care. It asks us to think and question the future presented and combines Speculative Design with Participatory workshops. By viewing this future, can we build a conversation about what we want and do not want our future Mental Health services to look like? And can we design the policy needed to achieve those ideals as a society?


Warped Mutualism

The user plugged into the home, monitored and administered drugs from an AI powered system.


The project was driven by the worrying rise that I, as well as many others have seen in recent years of Mental Health cases. The project sat close to home, with close family members suffering from Mental Health conditions, I wanted to use Design as a tool for change and discussion.

Workshop exploration

The nature of this project meant that external opinions had to be integrated into not just the final insights built from the work, but the work itself. By testing the responses within the project, it allowed me to move away from a singular white male perspective, i.e. me and bring in a wider and more balanced view.

Curated Film

A film created using the artefacts built, envisioning a potential future of our services, helping the user understand and process the leap they must take to submerge themselves into this future and the shifts presented to them.

Warped Mutualism - Workshop Booklet

This booklet shows the process, outcomes and learnings of the workshop carried out using the artefacts and film.