WIP Show Identity

This project explores the conceptualisation of our course as a whole and translates it into an identity, which was used on different platforms (online and physical) for our Work In Progress Show. Since we were back and able to use the studio, we relished the opportunity to use analogue processes again and the work could ‘spill over’ from the studio down to the exhibition space in the foyer of the Reid building. This idea was symbolised through the theme of punch cards, which represents a mechanical process, again representing a bridge between the analogue and on-site work and the digital work. For this, we experimented a lot with analogue ways of printing and working on the poster, starting off with printing a colour with the Riso and then trying to recreate that texture through other methods like screenprinting, so that we could print on coloured paper with an opaque colour. Another idea was to have actual punched out holes in the poster, which would have had to be done with a lasercutter. Unfortunately due to lack of time and resources, like the paper and other papers we initially wanted to use not being available, we had to shift our idea and had to print digitally – which actually helped us to bring all the elements together we had in mind all along, whilst not losing the visual language of the punch card. The identity encompasses not just the posters, but also the whole online presence, animation as well as the design of the exhibition on-site, including captions and a long poster that is supposed to represent the ‘overspilling’ from the studio.

This project is a collaboration with Abigail Allen and Mark Burgoyne.