You Are What You Eat

Our food production is currently facing serious environmental problems. According to expert forecasts, the earth’s resources will be needed to feed 9 billion people in 2050.

I realised that I needed to consider the relationship between people and food from a more objective perspective, for example by taking into account the environment and future developments. What are the implications of our food choices today for the future? Is there a social responsibility that we need to take on board with our eating habits?

The sustainability of human development is affected by food production, and food production is being modified by our dietary choices and needs. Our diet is closely linked to the development of the environment in which we live.

Our current food choices shape our future. Knowing what we’re eating and where the food on our plate is coming from will help us to be aware of the importance of sustainable eating.

Responsible eating should go well beyond personal benefits.

Belly Bap

Finger Fries

Dim Sum

Ear Cookie

Handmade Cupcake

Super Prawn