You Can Sit With Me


This brief aims to challenge the way we look at the things around us. Earlier last year, Nature has thrown mankind a curve ball. We were all forced to halt our way of life and it was incredibly hard on many people around the world. Being forced to wear a mask to reduce the risk of transmission, several job such as Safe Distancing Ambassadors were created to enforce the new rules. Being someone that gets annoyed when I see people with their half-fucked mask wearing, it was the perfect job for me. I could walk around and advice people to stay safe so that Singapore can emerge victorious against the pandemic.


From my short 4 months stint as a Safe Distance Ambassador, it opened up my eyes to the world around me. One thing that made me feel slightly more assured was seeing people with a temperature sticker on their clothing. It was a sign to me that they went through proper temperature and Safe Entry measures set up. With this project, I aim to change the meaning of the temperature stickers by gamifying it.

Artivive Videos

Sticker A: In December 2020, a $100 voucher was given to Singaporeans, in a bid to encourage us to rediscover Singapore again. Many people started using these vouchers to book a 1-day staycation. With this sticker and Artivive video, I hope to realign their focus to help to support the growth of our local Bird Park. Sticker Z: At that point in time, all Singapore Public Libraries have imposed a 30 minutes time limit to all visitors. This sticker is being given to people who visits the library and with this video I hope to encourage the visitors to head outdoors to look at, and appreciate nature after burrowing their heads into the wide variety of books available in the library.