Zone One

Section AA 1:200 @ A3

I.T Station

Enables children to develop their I.T skills through games, how to create PowerPoints, word documents and for the upper level, spread sheets. It also teaches children about the importance of internet safety .

Relaxation Station

Where children can watch movies and documentaries on topics they are learning about within the Education Station, it also helps children to develop their concentration skills. The Relaxation Station can also be used as a nap time area for younger age groups.

Open Air Station

In this station children learn how to plant and of the different kinds of plantation and how each survive through different types of nurture. This is taught through the work of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). With it being an open air space this allows for children to work in a safe outside environment - built within the Education Station.

Open Air Station

Even in changes of weather children will be equipped to learn outside.

Free Play Station

The free play station allows for the pupils to develop skills through a wide variety of active learning games and activities. It is an essential tool for children to recognise and develop a sense of who they are and to value the thoughts and feelings of others. It also helps them to maintain emotional balance and a sound mental health and well-being. The resources for this area are kept in storage which allows for the child to pick and choose their own activity. Visual shows how primary 1 & 2 would occupy the space.

Free Play Station

Visual shows how primary 6 & 7 would occupy the space

Kitchen Station

This station is where cooking and baking skills can be developed. Takes the most dreaded school subjects such as maths, and makes them fun and functional with a tasty reward to top it off.