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Fabric Drying Space


The proposal of this civic building located in Calton responds to the current social, cultural and economic situations in Calton. It is set to connect the textile history of Calton in Glasgow. As the development of industrilization and globalization, more and more local shops are being infuenced in a negative way by the big brand fast fashion industry, which produces a lot of waste in the industry. As a respond, more and more vintage shops are on their way in Glasgow to generate and provide a more sustainable way for people to live. While in this project, the civic meaning is defined by the Calton history, and the sustainable situation people are facing, to propose a civic space to collect second hand garments to repair, redesign, and remake. To achieve a more sustainable living way and revive part of the history of Calton.


The concept of the civic building is designed for processing second hand clothes to be resued, to gather people together and to provide a space for education, thus the programme is formed with mainly three elements: Production, Community, Education. In term of production, it has three processing methods, which is redying the garments, reproduce the fabric, and remakinng the cloth, all of the processing space is on the ground floor, it is organized with spacially “circular” working flow to make the program clear. While the community space is mainly designed as a multi-function space in the middle of the building with 14 meters height for different activities such as fashion exhibition, performing, to provide an opportunity to gather people. Education space is on the second floor, which consisted of studio, library, teaching, fashion archive. The cladding material internally and externally of the building was considered for the use of it, as the some space would be wet for the working process, the material was chosed to use limestone plate, which is water resistant.

Fabric Drying Space

Urban map, fashion shops

Production Process

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Community space: Exhibition

Community Spce: Performance

Production space

Education Space: Library

Education Space: Studio


Production Space

Production Space

Community Space: Exhibition

Community Space: Performance

Education Space: Library

Vertical Fire Escape