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Charlene (Xinran) Zeng

The menswear industry is a pandoras box waiting to be unravelled and taken to new heights. The main direction of my research is to accomplish just that, by combining diverse creativity and expansive craftsmanship to become a major creative in the post-modern fashion world now and in future.


The Edge of Posthuman

The Edge of Posthuman

As technology progresses, the ascendancy of Posthumanism manifests increasingly in our daily existence, compelling us to contemplate the profound metamorphoses humanity stands poised to undergo amidst this era of technological progress. Within the paradigm of Posthumanism, the human corporeal and cognitive realms teeter on the brink. Propelled by technology, humans strive for “technological augmentation” through bodily modification; yet, this provokes inquiry into the segregability of the modified corporeal and cognitive facets, and elicits disquieting apprehensions regarding the crisis of personal identity instigated by technology.

Simultaneously, the technology-driven fast fashion sector has estranged the human connection with apparel. Within the framework of critical Posthumanism, amalgamating the notion of “resonance” derived from the Theory of Social Acceleration, fostering an interaction between attire and the human form, serves to rekindle the resonance between human and garment, thereby sustaining a cohesive relationship among technology, corporeality, and consciousness.

The edge of posthuman

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