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Welcome to Barras
Highland Adventure
Character Design

Welcome to Barras

In my time studying abroad in Glasgow, I
developed a keen interest in the local culture
and history. I stumbled into this Barras
Market one day and later discovered that it
is an iconic landmark in Glasgow with a rich
history and unique atmosphere. I observed
that the people here only sell their items
at weekends, they may have their jobs during
the week and more often than not, they are
elderly people who are already retired and
pensioners, they gather here and create this
market in such a way like a play to spread the
interesting experiences and treasures of their
lives. Everything here gives me a relaxed
and playful impression, so I hope to present
this special place to the audience through my
artistic expression and explore the stories
and human touch embedded in it.


Map of Barras


Highland Adventure

Children’s Picturebook/Watercolor/Color pencil/digital collage
Highland Adventure is a children’s picture book that takes readers on an amazing adventure through the story of Jojo, who lives in a busy city and feels tied down by life. However, when he discovers a Scottish Highland-themed souvenir shop in his local town, it sparks his curiosity and starts a fantastic journey to Scotland. I hope this book will be a bright star on the path of spiritual growth for young readers, inspiring them to embark on a journey of self-discovery filled with curiosity and acceptance. This story is both an expression of my personal feelings and an exploration of contemporary lifestyles. Through the adventures of Jojo, I try to inspire people to recognise their inner desires and to be brave enough to find a more meaningful lifestyle that is more in line with their inner needs.
Size: 23cm*30cm Page: 28
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Character Design