MDes Communication Design School of Design

Yiwen Hao (She/her)

I am a graphic designer whose practice is predominantly informed by my interest in the relationships between human behaviour and visual communication.

Exploring how various modes of graphic communication—and our interactions with them—can affect both individual and communal decision-making.

Corporate Slave


The project originated as a personal investigation into the label/identifier, Corporate Slave. Inspired by my own experiences and informed by stories I have collected from workers in various business contexts, this project aims to bring renewed attention to the issues effecting the day-to-day life of corporate slaves. Presented in a humorous publication using the visual language found in corporate offices.

Corporate Slave

Many people have a hard time adapting to work and society after graduation. For office workers, faced with a much tougher boss than teachers in school, failure to complete tasks can be costly and even lead to job loss. However, office workers may face some unfairness in the workplace, but they must overcome that because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

The project aims to expose the life of the “corporate slave” of contemporary office workers. I explored the processes and behaviours of office politics as the power and authority involved in interpersonal communication among office workers, such as bosses exploiting workers, workers being used as a scapegoat by bosses, workers having excessive workload and endless overtime, etc. Since my audience would be office workers who are going through the life of the “corporate slave” and those who are about to enter the workplace, I try to convert office supplies that office workers come into contact with every day into visual language and inform it into my projects.

For one, I plan to strike a chord with office workers who are suffering from office politics and encourage them to face up. For another, I want to give newcomers a guideline of office politics as a wake-up call to the difficulties they may face later.