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Yizhen Niu (Yizhen)

I appreciate new experiences and ideas, and my creativity and art are motivated by my life and the things I see. I learn, grow, and create.  I try to position my work on the borders where different subjects, theories, and practices intersect; where usable design meets political theory or science fiction for example, or where product design, graphic design, and research methodologies intersect. For me, it is at these
boundaries that the most crucial creative pursuits happen.

Bee Nest Trigger
Warm Booth

Bee Nest Trigger

The “Bee Nest Trigger” is a futuristic regenerative design. The main broad idea of a building includes the entire system that might sustain a community person’s supplies and offer them new career prospects. I uncovered a link between future agriculture and local economies. Then, with a focus on the local person, seed demands what if, in the future, planting as a living domain. On the other hand, a lab worker developing new plants will generate far more garbage, which is not environmentally favorable. As a result, the seed needs data collectors could fix and support these challenges for the locals’ health and wellness or regenerative future. This is also an opportunity for me to design. I created this model twice, from the “twig trigger” to the “bee nest shape trigger”; from the seeds competition exhibition to the seed demands collector. Finally, I’d like to keep the service flow simple and straightforward, and I’d like to begin developing this data collector to demonstrate my concern for locals and individuals. Either from physical or mental health. At the end of this project, the design refers to food healing. Plug in the wooden stick to the bee trigger to get your own new seeds!

Key Moment 1

Concept Develop Draft

Key moment 3

key moment 2

key moment 2

Night Key moment

Result moment


user jouney

Design Result-New Plant

Bee Nest Trigger - Seed Demands Collector

Warm Booth

The self-initiated project began with my daily observations of local elders over the age of 65 in Glasgow and the human adaption revolution of the weather in the earth. Some of elder person shiver in the cold weather and have rheumatism, eczema, and painful knees. Also, according to recent news, the warm bill is up to 400% higher than in previous years. As a result, many low-income elderly people are unable to afford it, so the “warm button” is turned off. The cold air increased the death rate of the elderly and the spread of potential diseases. My project has come to an end to address this issue and alleviate the suffering of the elderly and low-income residents. After that, I created a public warming station to provide residents with a convenient location to warm up. Each participant will receive five minutes of warm air from the warm booth, which will run on electricity from the solar panel on top. I designed the warm booth to be a secluded area in accordance with the weather adaptation. As a result, it serves as both a warm location and a hub for social interaction between elderly people.

Warm Booth General Looks

Warm Booth Capacity-Result

In Progress Final Physical Model

Hand Draft 1

Hand Draft 2

Development Model

Model In Progress

Design Detail-Leg Warming Tube

Final Model-Inside

Final Model-Feature Solar Panel

Design Detail-Electricity Resource

3D Model

Daily Insight about Waterproof Material Thinking

User Journey

Service+Product Design Warm Booth Video

Design Value and Detail Explain