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Yufan Song

I’m Yufan, a menswear designer from China. I have influenced by the life experiences. From the experience of living in several different countries, I have deeply felt about the industrial development of the modern society, and its impact on the natural environment. While technological advancement has brought countless benefits to humanity, the problems it solves also create problems.

My works focus on the relationship of humans to society and nature, and is conducted from a post-humanist perspective. I often take inspiration from artists, music or architecture during the research phase and design different forms of visual experiments in conjunction with my subject matter. I am committed to developing my unique patternmaking methodology from the clues of my experiments, and research further about how anatomy and deconstruction ideas could help with pattern-making. Especially for Menswear, innovative ideas and joint pattern cutting are crucial. These visual experiments helped me to develop silhouettes, structures, patterns and technical details etc. In the “Elysium of Artificial Extension” project, I have constructed a wearable installation by iron wires, umbrella skeletons, wood strips and fabric. This experiment helped me with the development of my pattern methodology, and informed the unique looks for the collection. I have transformed the post-humanism concept into a visual experiment, and the garments presented them in a manner of neo clothing format in the future society.

Elysium of Artificial Extension

Elysium of Artificial Extension

  • Land reclamation projects in coastal cities pushed the coastline farther and farther away, which drew me to explore the ecological impacts and the implications for the future of human underneath the urban development . Land Reclamation is a typical anthropocentric product, an extension of ecology by mordern technology. Life/ecology/nature has a certain resilience and strength that allows it to repair itself and adapt to external influences to a certain extent. In the prediction, the life span of artefacts is limited, after which the entire structure will become fragile. From giving up the natural resources we once possessed to create another land to gradually being abandoned by nature, in the future fragile ecological environment, human beings gradually forget their origins, and can only maintain a fragile state of life. I translate this form of artificial extension into post-human garment, contrasting with the existing forms. At the same time creating space outside the human body, embodying a sense of uneasiness about the uncertainty that anthropocentrism will bring about in the future, and whether the artificially extended Elysium will really come?