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Zerun Feng (He)

Zerun is a designer who is interested in designing experiences between the human body and surroundings through garments and accessories in aesthetic and functional ways. He aims to become a cross-disciplinary creator who wants to be a designer with qualities of empathy, receptive knowledge by learning more skills, more methodologies and a deeper understanding of Critical Thinking.

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The project is about helping people to use and appreciate the possessions they already have, and using the product to carry and enjoy their possessions. Besides having their original functions, the products can be combined with the user’s possessions to change their ways to interact with the user.

Product D is a huge Messenger Bag that can be used as a sofa when users fill in with their clothes and soft toys. It can also be used as a sleeping bag. With an adjustable buckle, the user can change the length of the strap depending on how full and heavy Product D is.

Product T is a Tote Bag that can be used as a tea table when the user needs to. The width of this bag is the same as the UK Book B-Format size. Although it has been designed to carry books and other print matters, it is a competent bag that can be used for users’ needs.

Product A is a Handbag designed to carry jewellery. One of its layers is made of waterproof Nylon, which can be used as a hat. Both layers are light transmission materials, when it is used as a lampshade, the user can use their own phone’s torch to create gentle light with Product A.



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