MDes Communication Design School of Design

Zhenghong Yang (He)

As a photographer and graphic designer, my studio practice revolves around photojournalism and documentary. I am fascinated by the power of visual storytelling and the way that photography can capture moments and communicate powerful messages.


In my documentary work, I focus on capturing real-life events and stories through candid shots that capture the emotion and energy of a particular moment. I am interested in exploring the creative potential of the medium, experimenting with new techniques and approaches, seeking to create images that are both visually striking and conceptually rich. I am particularly interested in using texture and traditional editing techniques to create a strong visual language that draws the viewer in and invites them to explore the image in more detail. My current project work explores the nocturnal transformation of Glasgow cityscape, capturing its ethereal and enigmatic essence through darkroom pushing film techniques. I aim to intensify the nocturnal atmosphere and capture the city’s hidden corners and unique energy after dark.


In addition to my studio practice, I am also deeply interested in the history and theory of photography. I spend a lot of time researching and reading about the medium, exploring the work of other photographers, and thinking critically about the role that photography plays in our society.

All Creatures Wake In The Nights


Night is more familiar to me and makes me feel more at home than daytime. The deep night brings me a sense of quiet stability, but also shrouds the scenery before me in mystery.

So I want to cut through this fog, take my camera out into the streets and when I meet something interesting, I interact with it. If not, I talk to myself in the quiet atmosphere of the night.

I used a film camera to shoot, because the light that flows into the film at night is all reflected by the light of the moon. At the same time I used the forced development technique of film in the darkroom, hoping to bring out the texture of the darkness.

In the end I made a publication, which was printed by the Newspaperclub.

All Creatures Wake In The Nights

I created the project All Creatures Wake in the Nights. This project was inspired by the fact that I suffer from chronic insomnia. Every time I lose sleep, I chose to explore the city of Glasgow by taking to the streets at night.

During the course of the project I became fascinated by the interesting stories of the city at night and the content slowly moved away from the theme of insomnia and gradually took on the city of Glasgow at night as its main character.


This is a documentary photography project about Chinatown.

Because of its identity and cultural background, Chinatown is disconnected from the city of Glasgow and disconnected from developments within China. Chinatown also strives to maintain and preserve its own traditional culture and identity. It is as if time has stopped flowing here, and Chinatown is an island separated from its surroundings.

In this project I wanted to unravel this mystery, to convey this interesting and unique landscape and to tell the stories of its people.