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Zina Russanova


I am a multidisciplinary creative who works on a variety of projects, including graphic design, art curation, and research, where I have developed an interest in the following topics: cultural identity, postcolonial theory, humanitarian and environmental justice.

As a Central Asian myself, my approach involves exploring new cultures and environments that motivate me to broaden my knowledge and represent it in my projects as a form of cultural and artistic preservation. I also use these projects to raise awareness about issues affecting ethnic minorities and to encourage the general public to participate in charitable activities.



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Nomads of the Sea: The Story of Ceuta

Nomads of the Sea: The Story of Ceuta

Nomads of the Sea: The Story of Ceuta unveils the complexities surrounding the Spanish enclave within Moroccan territory. This exhibition proposal delves into the contrast between Ceuta’s portrayal of diverse coexistence and the reality behind its fortified borders.



Through documentary photography and curated objects, it reveals the struggles of African migrants seeking sanctuary. By amplifying marginalised voices, the exhibition ignites understanding and inspires collective action towards a more compassionate society.


Nomads of the Sea: The Story of Ceuta / Exhibition walkthrough

Boat view



The Arrival

Laissez Passer

Creating Compassion

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