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Amy Ziyue Zhang

Ziyue or Amy is a Chinese interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow who incorporates embroideries, found objects, writing, sound, and video installations into her work. Alongside her artistic endeavours, she is a dedicated workshop facilitator for community arts projects with a focus on children and vulnerable groups. Her practice revolves around weaving and transmitting messages from the challenging and information-saturated world she personally experiences. Ziyue blurs the line between imaginary and real spaces, inviting audiences to embark on journeys within and beyond, actively engaging with her works and the surrounding environment. Her created spaces raise a fundamental question: “Where do we come from?” Through her art, she sensitively explores ecological and social issues while cultivating a peaceful and visually captivating interactive space that inspires potential collaborations.

‘What is she able to give and help through art?’ is something she couldn’t get rid of, which has been a critical concern throughout her practice.

The World in Whispering, 2023
BUN BUN BUN – the workshop, 2023
A greeny island where Miss M-A-P float about, 2023

The World in Whispering, 2023

Seven continents in wired multiple-sized embroideries on transparent fabrics

Multiple sizes



For Sale: Price on Request


For Sale: Price on Request

South America



World in whipering

BUN BUN BUN – the workshop, 2023

A workshop explores places, memories, and personal history through a nostalgic bun-making session and games with Chinese elderlies at WingHong Elderly Centre in Glasgow.

Ingredients: Plain flour, yeast, milk, water, sugar, love, chats, memories, togetherness

Most elderlies spoke Cantonese and moved to Glasgow in the 1990s or earlier.

I don’t speak Cantonese ( but learned some from watching films the night before). I always think languages are important if I want to make people feel close. But on the other hand, it’s not so important. Many other things have the power to break the language barrier, like touch, eye contact, body language, a good heart, some nice food and so on.

Luckily, I received language/ translation help from Yongyang. Freya was the camerawoman. She has the credit for all the photos.

It is a collaborative process, as you can see. Also, thanks to Amy, the centre manager, for her kind help, communication and making me feel at home while I was there. I would like to thank everyone who helped and came to the workshop.

We chatted with them, used our hands( a lot), played some games about naming places while we passed around a knitting ball  ( they laughed a lot); we did some drawings, they seemed a little confused; they asked me questions; we drew and wrote on the buns, steamed the buns, waited for them to get ready and softer; we ate them together.

moving hands and moving heads

flour and yeast mountain


a game for us

Drawing your Glasgow home activity

kneading the buns

steamed buns - I love you

A greeny island where Miss M-A-P float about, 2023

Interactive multimedia installation

Audio on headphones,

Multiple objects, shells, logs collected from Alexandra Park in Glasgow, fabrics, wires, papers, colour pencils, crayons, sand, ceramic works, water, plants and flowers, wood, and Grandma-made knitted sweater.