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Charles Stewart (he/him)

‘I Am All of These, Not One of These. Some I Like, Some I Loathe’ is the emancipation of the Modern Man.

I Am All Of These, Not One Of These. Some I Like, Some I Loathe.

I Am All Of These, Not One Of These. Some I Like, Some I Loathe.

Focusing on mental health, the history of masculinity, and with the influence of modern fashion, I have been led to my discovery of the make-up of men. I started this year in a personal crisis and capitalised on the questions I asked myself through a time of struggle, it is a deeply personal project that features a concept journal under the same name.

I have expanded upon the emotions and beliefs within myself, and with reference to texts such as ‘Masculinity in Crisis’ by Roger Horrocks, I have documented the changes that masculinity has undergone to present day, and what’s to come.

The silhouettes, colours, and fibres within the collection have been decided by an imposter, one who has found the man in himself by the end of this creative journey. I have discovered that embracing Vulnerability, Femininity, Aggression and Acceptance can have a positive impact on the modern male psyche.

As the world has gone through many important changes over the last 70 years, it seems that the one thing that has stood still is masculinity.