School of Design Textile Design

Emma Hughes (She/her)

Joy through colour and pattern

My collection explores family photos, focusing upon the textures, patterns and shapes candidly found within these images. Researching through family photos I uncovered a bright and vibrant personal library of pattern and colour, initially distilling them into colour palettes and paper collages.

Creating joyful and fun designs reflects the innocent and playful nature of the images taken from my childhood. The curved lines, stripes and patterns are developed through digital designs to create patterns filled with character and personality, these are explored through embroidery and print techniques, using fabrics which complement the bright and vivid patterns.

This collection of textiles for fashion aims to spark joy with the wearer, something which takes you back to childhood, bringing about a youthful and light energy, filled with carefree doodles, lines, squiggles and sunny colours.

I aim to create joy through my design, focusing upon wellbeing and nostalgia creates a positive world for the viewer to escape into.

Design development
Sampling and visualising
Primary research