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Ethan McEwan (He/Him)

Ethan McEwan | Creative Media Designer
Stirling, Scotland

Working across Scotland, Ethan McEwan is a 21-year-old creative media designer based in Stirling whose work exhibits a passion for audio development, video, and immersive arts. With a developed love for media and technology from a young age, Ethan has continued to expand his love for music production and sound design. From studying ‘Music Technology’ in High School to furthering his studies with an NPA and an HND in Sound Production at Forth Valley College, Ethan has continually built technical and conceptual skills in increasing complexity, to excel in the fields of post-production sound, spatial audio, games, and documentary. Now in his final year at the Glasgow School of Art, Ethan continues to grow a broad skill set, with a current focus on developing his knowledge of spatial and binaural audio design.

Ethan’s work cannot be categorised into one particular field. With a love for all forms of audio-visual media, Ethan has continued to create a variety of different work in the hope of creating a more expansive skill set. Having always had a great love for producing content, the creation of home videos and his love for film and video games throughout his early years led to a variety of interesting projects. Producing, scripting, and recording his first stop-motion film when he was only nine years old, his aspiration for a career in all forms of creative media started to become a reality. Having collaborated with a team to produce a poetic and expository documentary, collecting and sequencing archive footage, as well as creating original video in editing platforms such as Adobe Premiere; Ethan continues to create a variety of short films, leading to the release of both an art documentary (‘Surrealismo’) and a personal reflection documentary (‘A Teenage Reflection’). Along with having an industry-standard post-production workflow in digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools, Reaper and Cubase, Ethan continues to strive for a high sense of quality and efficiency within both stereo, surround and spatial audio applications.

The Blindfold Experience
StoryTime Readings
April Moments
A Teenage Reflection

The Blindfold Experience

Please be advised that "The Blindfold Experience" is an immersive 360 video horror experience designed to evoke intense emotions and create a frightening atmosphere. The content of this experience may not be suitable for individuals who are sensitive to or easily disturbed by graphic imagery, jump scares, darkness, and psychological horror elements.

The Blindfold Experience is a binaural audio soundscape that aims to envelop the viewer in an unknown darkened environment. Having been blindfolded, taken, and captured by a psychotic lunatic, you as the protagonist must endure the ungodly horrors that surround you, listening for any possible chance of escape. Through the use of 360 video and audio sound design, ‘The Blindfold Experience’ wishes to subvert audience expectations, pushing the boundaries of 360 Virtual Reality experiences as being densely detailed visual environments. Having always been heavily influenced by horror video-game culture, ‘The Blindfold Experience’ aims to deliver the immersive potential of 360 video in combination with a realistic horror experience delivered solely through sound. Created with the intention of being as technologically accessible as possible, ‘The Blindfold Experience’ can be accessed on any device that supports stereo headphones and YouTube 360 video playback, allowing listeners to encounter the three-dimensional audio experience at any chosen time. In its purest form, however, ‘The Blindfold Experience’ is delivered as a controlled installation, allowing users to fully immerse themselves through full audio directionality and head tracking within a controlled Virtual Reality environment.

Note: To fully immerse yourself in the chilling audio atmosphere of “The Blindfold Experience,” we recommend utilizing Google Chrome as your preferred web browser. While other web browsers may offer compatibility with some of the project’s features, I cannot guarantee the same level of audio spatialization accuracy or synchronization. Therefore, to ensure you have the intended and most immersive experience, I strongly recommend using Google Chrome.

StoryTime Readings

StoryTime Readings was born out of a deep love for storytelling and a genuine desire to ignite the imaginations of children. Recognising the profound impact that stories have on young minds, I embarked on a mission to create a platform where children could experience the magic of literature in a unique way. In the heart of our company lies the belief that storytelling is an essential part of a child’s development. Through the medium of audiobooks, we transport children to worlds of wonder, encouraging their creativity and nurturing their love for reading.

With morning and nighttime readings, we aim to provide immersive experiences tailored to different times of the day. During the morning, our goal is to awaken the senses and set the stage for a day filled with exploration and imagination. By offering captivating tales and engaging narratives, we aim to inspire children and fuel their curiosity, empowering them to embark on their own adventures. As the sun sets and the day winds down, our nighttime readings take centre stage. We understand the importance of creating a tranquil environment that promotes relaxation and prepares children for a peaceful night’s sleep. Through gentle stories and soothing lullabies, we create a space where children can unwind, allowing their minds to wander and dream.

At StoryTime Readings, we are not just storytellers; we are advocates for literacy, emotional well-being, and the joy of shared moments. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be transported to magical realms, to develop a lifelong love for reading, and to create cherished memories with their loved ones. It is my sincerest hope that through StoryTime Readings, we can inspire a love for storytelling, foster creativity, and cultivate a generation of avid readers who will carry the magic of words with them throughout their lives.

April Moments

Created by the social media vlogger ‘Stillness’, April Moments (Stillness, 2021) is a short film that aims to capture the natural and simplistic beauty of day-to-day life. Featuring moments throughout the month, we are taken on a journey through various random but aesthetic moments. For this piece, I aim to transform the visual by developing a 5.1 audio mix, adding multiple ambiences, sound effects and music that add extra depth to the visual. Although I wasn’t in communication with the film’s original creator, I hope to send her the final 5.1 version of the film in the interest of gaining honest feedback whilst pursuing future collaboration.

Note: The 5.1 setting will only appear for videos and devices that support 5.1 surround sound. 5.1 in YouTube is supported on all 2021 and later TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and most Fire TV devices. In addition, many 2020 and earlier TVs may also support surround sound – check your device manufacturer to see if your device supports 5.1 for YouTube. 

A Teenage Reflection

“A Teenage Reflection” is a captivating short film that provides a profound exploration of the filmmaker’s personal journey, encompassing their past, present, and future. Through the skilful use of home videos and introspective narration, the film presents a unique perspective on the most significant moments and experiences that have shaped my life over the past two decades.

The documentary takes on a time capsule-like approach, capturing the essence of my past and present through a collection of heartfelt and nostalgic home videos. These videos serve as a window into my formative years, allowing the audience to witness key milestones, relationships, and growth. By including these personal artefacts, the film establishes a strong connection between the viewers and myself, evoking a sense of empathy and shared human experiences. Moreover, “A Teenage Reflection” delves deeper by incorporating introspective elements that question my future self. This thoughtful exploration adds a layer of introspection and contemplation to the narrative. By engaging in a dialogue with my future self, I encourage the audience to reflect on their own aspirations, dreams, and uncertainties.