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Heather S Roberts (She/They)

Heather S Roberts is a visual artist whose work often dwells on alienation within relationships andthe breaking down of social bonds in relation to neurodivergence. It is concerned with memory and the passage of time, how these affect the individual and change our experiences of ourselves. Through confronting and beginning to process her physical and psychological trauma endured during past relationships and openly presenting her own experience she extends empathy and understanding to attempt to understand the trauma experienced by others. The practice is a constant process, always striving to understand how we, as humans are shaped and to express this through visual mediums. Through dedicated work as a performer since her formative years she learned how to connect with an audience emotionally through physical space and continues to strive to carry this into her lens based practice, which continues to be heavily concerned with capturing and conveying the honesty in a moment.

The Bones I’m Made Of


The Bones I’m Made Of

‘The Bones I’m Made Of’ explores the vulnerability of women in society through self-portraiture, using mixed media and materiality to challenge stereotypical perception, The work has been made responding to healing from the trauma received from being an undiagnosed neurodivergent female trying to conform to a ‘traditional’ social role. Learning to resist this lead to working with metal and armour. The material itself shows resilience and strength that allows the artist and audience to recognise their own. The prints are liquid emulsion on steel, printed in the darkroom, a technique the artist has been working with since engaging in the student exchange program in 2021 and studying under Carla Shapiro at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The Largets print (3) is on the metal featured in the video piece and has been transformed into a speaker to relay the violent sound of the sword meeting the metal.