Pollokshields Housing Development

This project aims to densely populate the urban fabric and provide access to public and private green space. The scheme targets young families who want to stay in the neighbourhood long term. The housing is designed with a rhythmic structure where walls can be installed and removed to adapt space to suit the occupiers’ needs as they change.
The tenemental model within the neighbourhood inspires the design of urban housing. Pollokshields’ morphology, street pattern and gaps in many tenemental blocks highlight an opportunity to densify the area and enhance the street. Pollokshields has a significant lack of green space that is accessible to the public, so this scheme aims to change that by creating green corridors at street level, allowing people to walk through the Allotment; rainfall gardens and the green corridors create a set back in-line with the neighbouring tenement’s basement level and define a clear boundary.
The traditional tenement inspired the facade rhythm, emphasising rear extended stairs and bay windows. Although designed using critical influences of the tenement, this scheme strives to be visually different in terms of advancing the possibilities, exploration, and development of what housing means for the modern person. Relief is given to the front facade to make the street elevation more dynamic and provide external spaces: Forth Street is maintained as a commercial area and residential circulation is redirected to the rear of the housing, making the entry experience more private.

Housing West Elevation

Housing Diagram 1

Housing Diagram 2

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Housing East Elevation

Location Plan

Pollokshields’ Centre for Culinary Arts

The Pollokshields’ Centre for Culinary Arts provides facilities for all neighbourhood residents to access and have ownership over a public garden in which they can grow food together and, in turn, grow as a community. An Urban Farm on the upper levels of the building provides a constant stream of produce to the cooking facilities within the building. Residents may choose to undertake a course of cooking classes or host one to introduce others to recipes and culinary practices that are integral to their own cultural identity. Retail spaces operate from the ground floor providing subsidised access to food, kitchenware and gardening supplies in a non-stigmatised way. Acting as a Third Space, Pollokshield’s Centre for Culinary Arts celebrates the holistic nature of food and the benefits of sharing cooking and dining experiences with neighbours. Whether you seek shelter within the Walled Garden, are a seasoned green-fingered grower, or simply want to browse the shops, there is a place for everyone to spend a day here.


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Green Space Map

Food Cycle Diagram

Building Diagram 1

Location Plan

GF Plan

1F-4F Plans

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Market Street

Occupied Garden Wall

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Community Meal in the Dining Hall

Front Elevation

South Elevation

North Elevation