School of Design Textile Design

Jiachen Li



The inspiration for my graduation design project comes from scenes formed by objects in
everyday life that are often neglected. These things have a sculptural quality which catch my
In this project, I fifirst used silicone as a new textile material, which can be easily shaped into any desired form to trace the texture. I also obtained the patterns and created some drawings after calculating the measurements to make silicone into certain shapes.
It is also a tactile textile project due to the wonderful tactile sensation provided by my self-made silicone weft shapes. As I am inspired by various corners of life scenes, I wanted my fabrics to be used in these places to make inconspicuous corners visible, such as armrests, handles, lamps, seat backs, etc. And these usage will force people to touch these textile.

jpeg image Preference 1

jpeg image Preference 3